Patient Fees
A full breakdown of our fee scale

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent quality of care at very affordable prices. Below are some of our prices as an outline guide for you. However once you have been seen for your initial consultation you will be given a treatment plan specific to your needs.

New patient examination £39
Routine examination £29
Small Radiograph (X-ray) each £9
Panoramic X-ray £30
 Hygienist visit from £45 for 30 minute time allocation
(including turnaround between patients)

Following your dental examination and any necessary xrays, your Dentist will discuss your treatment needs and preferences with you to produce a personalised printed treatment plan/estimate. Fees for many treatment items vary widely due to materials used, time involved and complexity. The figures below are basic guidelines.

Amalgam filling (Silver) from £40
Composite filling (White) from £50
Tooth Whitening
Home whitening from £200
Zoom (in surgery whitening) from £395 – Less 15% on Whitening Wednesdays
Crowns and Bridges (per unit)
Porcelain bonded to metal crown/ bridge unit from £360
Cerec (crown in one day) from £360
Emax (metal free) crown from £440
Post for a crown from £60
Adhesive bridge from £240
Re-cement existing crown/bridge from £45
Porcelain veneer from £340
Acrylic partial upper or lower from £410 for basic grade
Acrylic full upper and lower from £750 for basic grade
Metal framework upper or lower from £650
Repair or addition of a tooth to an existing denture from £90
Other Treatments
Root canal treatment from £190 for a single rooted tooth
Root canal treatment from £320 for a molar tooth
Extraction from £55 for uncomplicated case
Surgical Extraction Quoted individually
Gum shield or soft occlusal splint from £85 each

We also can discuss with you other work such as implants and orthodontics etc.

Please do not hesitate to ask one of our team for more details.

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