Special Occasion

Getting Married? Going for that important job interview?

Whatever your special occasion might be, you will want to look your best. Everyone knows smiling is contagious, so if you feel confident with your smile then you will simply glow.

There are several ways we can help you improve your smile.

Everyone is different. So the best option is to discuss your individual needs with your dentist.

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A smile is like the sunshine;

It brightens up the day.

It gives the eye a twinkle

And chases frowns away.

What option is best for you?

  • It may be as simple as having a visit with the hygienist.
  • Or perhaps tooth whitening.
  • Or a full mouth makeover with crowns, implants or bridges.
  • You may want a new denture.

Lots of options are available. Please call us to discuss your concerns further.