Hygiene Treatment

Ever wondered why your dentist sends you to see the hygienist?

Seeing the hygienist regularly will save your teeth!

The hygienist’s job is to help you to keep your mouth clean and healthy and to minimize the need for dental treatment.

This is achieved by regularly cleaning and polishing your teeth and gums thus reducing plaque build-up

(which leads to tooth decay), preventing gum disease (the biggest cause of tooth loss) and preventing the horrible smelly breath that comes with gum disease.

We know from our own experience that those patients who see the hygienist regularly (twice a year) have much healthier mouths and much less restorative treatment (such as fillings or crowns).

Direct access is now available to private patients.

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Hygienists also:

  • provide preventive advice, for example regarding diet, the effect of smoking on oral health, denture care & many other topics.
  • professionally clean the your teeth to remove tartar and staining (often termed “scaling & polishing”).
  • apply preventive materials to the teeth & gums, for example fissure sealants or medications to help control gum disease.
  • administer local anaesthetic.
  • take dental impressions.
  • carry out tooth whitening.

Did you know that nearly everyone has gum disease at some point?

Gum disease poses the greatest danger to your teeth, and your hygienist can help you to avoid it. Gum disease accounts for around 75% of tooth extractions! It is caused by bacteria in the mouth sticking to the teeth and building up around the gums. If you experience bleeding from the gums you can be certain that you have gum disease.

The next stage in gum disease is the presence of pockets between the teeth and gums which become difficult to keep clean. Food particles get caught in the pockets and become infected. This is a major cause of bad breath and also leads to bone loss around the teeth. This bone is very important as it holds the teeth in place. As it disappears the teeth become loose and eventually fall out. What’s more this often occurs without any pain, so it can catch you unaware.

Visiting the hygienist is not expensive when you consider the long term benefits. A standard visit will cost £45.